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About me

My name is Ana, I am from Évora and my area of training is Management of
The passion for makeup started many years ago. I had the raw material and the
desire to know this vast, challenging and creative world. Interest grew and I started attending make-up workshops to perfect techniques that I considered essential.
Some time later I embarked on training in a professional course that gave me the
foundations to move forward with this project  that means so much to me. I started in 2018
putting on make-up and the acceptance was better than what I expected for  first year.
More recently, I attended a bridal makeup masterclass taught by a
of the best makeup artists in Portugal. The recycling of knowledge and the search
of new techniques and products is essential in this area.
I perform make-up services in Évora and throughout the Alentejo, my focus being
Bridal and social makeup. For me, it's the type of makeup where most
I put my creative side into practice and that's what motivates me to do more and better.
goals? I have many and work on them every day. For now I can advance
that my main objective at the moment is to consolidate this project , to create a brand
cohesive and reference in Alentejo and create a strong team to give
answer to the demand that I have been having. 

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of brides

The wedding day is one of the most important days in any woman's life. And the
princess day, the day they dreamed of for years on end, the day the “Forever.”
Every detail counts and make-up is an accessory to the Bride's look that
must be despised. It is the face of the Bride, the one that will appear in all
photographs, which will be subject to temperature variations, a lot of contact and
strong emotions.
I know exactly what brides need to feel special and that's why I created
a bridal makeup package that includes try-on makeup, makeup
on the day of the ceremony and a small kit with some products for touch-ups throughout the
wedding day.
For me, Bridal makeup is special: it has to respect the naturalness of the
face, to be carried out with products of the best quality, products adapted to the typology
of the client's skin and have a long duration.
Because this service goes beyond the make-up service itself, the
communication with the client is carried out during the months leading up to the ceremony
to support any queries and to recommend face care that is
an asset to the Bride on the big day.
It will be an honor for me to be a part of your fairytale day!

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Social Makeup

Makeup complements the look we choose for a given event.
It must, therefore, be harmonious and fit into the type of event, dress code,
season of the year and with the customer's personal taste.
Whether it's a wedding, a christening, a dinner, a party, it's important to go to the meeting
what the client wants and advise on the best style taking into account the
skin, age and face shape.

Workshops and individual classes

Makeup is, without a doubt, a passion, but being able to transmit that passion and make
getting other people to start looking at it differently is a
great satisfaction.
There is a modality of group workshops that are scheduled by me and have openings
limited, you can schedule group workshops for up to 6 people at your home or have
a private make-up class, which has the advantage of being at the client's pace and
you also have the possibility of being able to perceive whether or not your products are the most
suitable for you.
In the self-makeup group workshops there is level I (day makeup) and
level II (sophisticated make-up).
These workshops do not take place during the wedding season, between May and October.

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beauty advisor

The world of makeup and dermocosmetics is fascinating but vast. New ones are always emerging
techniques, new brands and new products, with new functions and ingredients. It's natural to be
confused when we are presented with so many products, a lot of information at the same time and
in specialty stores, customer service is limited.
The Beauty Advisor service, or Beauty Consultancy, consists of giving the customer this well-deserved attention and guiding them to choose a face care plan suited to their skin type and needs.
A questionnaire is made via video call or meeting via Zoom and then a personalized face care plan is prepared that follows in PDF format to the client's email.

We have already made over 100 skincare plans and we guarantee that no two plans are the same.  

We don't have any kind of partnership with the suggested brands, we just share what we think works for that specific person and skin. 

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" Ana is an excellent professional! And she made me the most beautiful bride ever! In addition to being a great makeup artist, on the wedding day she was there to calm me down and make the day even more perfect ..."

Inês Rodrigues



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Evora, Portugal

Thanks for your message!

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